This website is the archive of a course called Recreating a Women's School, taught at Pratt Institute during the summer of 2017. The course was created and taught by Frances Pharr & Leigh Mignogna, who are both interested in how feminist theory and practice can be integrated into contemporary graphic design education.

We hope this site serves as a resource for others interested in these ideas and as springboard for future conversation and collaboration.


course overview

Course Syllabus (google doc)
Intro Slides & Lecture (pdf)


inquiry 3: feminist futures


Why Aren’t There More Women Futurists?, Rose Eveleth

Technically, a Utopia: Fighting for a feminist future in Silicon Valley and Beyond, Sarah Leonard

Why Social Movements Need the Radical Imagination, Alex Khasnabish and Max Haiven

Postcards from the Futch, Joanne McNeil

Do Cyborgs Have Politics?, Danya Glabau

"Dispatches from a body perfect world" (excerpts from The Feminist Utopia Project, Alexandra Brodsky and Rachel Kauder Nalebuff (editors) 

Course Documents

Feminist Utopia Assignment and Workshop (google doc)